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Cutting Service

At Styleflooring.com our services extend installing Marmoleum. We can also cut traditonal marmoleum linoleum sheet into custom *tiles. Prices within each product image. Call 01883 346576 for cutting sizes that are not displayed. Fitting costs?

For the most up to date Marmoleum samples and tile designers visit our sister site. www.linoleum.london

Marmoleum Vivace Linoleum

Vivace is a linoleum of powerful, colourful marbling delivered by mixing eight colours. The result is a colourful and lively design that works virtually anywhere

Marmoleum Real Linoleum

These modern classics of the Real collection represent the very best of the marbling effects within the collection in natural tones and bright, rich colours.

Marmoleum Modular Linoleum Tiles

Forbo have now stopped manufacturing the Marmoleum Dual tiles. For the new modular tiles visit our sister site.
Modular tiles

Marmoleum Fresco Linoleum

Fresco's finely marbled structure is based on the fresco artwork of ancient times, while the colours have been chosen to create a cosy atmosphere.

Marmoleum Click MDF Boards

Marmoleum Click linoleum on laminate boards! Easily installed. The flooring slots together with a simple 'In and Out' system.

Marmoleum Walton Cirrus Linoleum

Designed to complement the Walton collection, Cirrus brings a slight marbling effect into play for subtle yet surprising combinations.

Marmoleum Walton Uni Linoleum

Walton Uni linoleum is a simple, pure design with an industrial and notable appearance that provides an ideal base for striking colour combinations.

Marmoleum Concrete Linoleum

A combination of natural stone materials combine this natural look & feel.

Artoleum Piano Linoleum

Near-solid coloured structure and harmonious speckle effects, Piano is ideal for spaces that call for a natural, sophisticated elegance.

Artoleum Graphic Linoleum

Artoleum Graphic's black, whites and greys add a twist to traditional interiors yet also work beautifully with contemporary surfaces.

 Artoleum Striato Linoleum

Artoleum Striato is a one-of-a-kind. A retro yet modern design that foregoes the "classic" look of linoleum, Striato is perfect for large, tall and open spaces.

Artoleum Graphic
9 products

Artoleum Piano
8 products

Artoleum Striato
3 products

Dual Tiles
1 products

Marmoleum Click
21 products

Marmoleum Concrete
15 products

Marmoleum Fresco
16 products

Marmoleum Real
51 products

Marmoleum Vivace
12 products

Walton Cirrus
13 products

Walton Uni
5 products