Floor Preparation & Insulation – Flanchford Road Reigate

Flexible Latex Applied

Sub Floor Ready And CleanLatex Applied To Sub FloorInsulated Marmox BoardsInsulated Marmox BoardsFlexible Latex Applied

Floor Preparation & Insulation – Flanchford Road Reigate

Preparation to a sub floor which had no insulation laid underneath the slab. The existing floor appeared to be wooden with joist etc. The wood and joists were removed by the customer to reveal a concrete slab with no screed or insulation. The first visit was to apply a latex to smooth the concrete so Marmox insulation backer boards could be stuck to. The followind day the insualtion boards were stuck with a flexible tiles  adhesive weighted down and allowed to dry. Following day was to apply a 20mm thick flexible latex over the backer boards.  This when dried left a finish suitable to take the customers stuck down wood flooring.


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