Carpet Adaption – The Fairways Redhill

carpets fitted with seam
new carpet underlay fitted
Bedroom carpet thats short
Original carpet an inch too short against skirting
cutting carpet join
carpet upside down seam cut back
preparing cross join 2
cross join seam prepared
Bedroom carpet seamed1
long seam joined
carpets fitted with seam
carpet and seam completed seam on the right.

New carpet adaption to bedroom in Redhill.

On rare occasions we will adapt carpets to fit. Normally it would be cheaper in labour costs to fit a new carpet. Generally new carpets will be big enough and soft enough to fit. Carpet backings get stiffer as they get older.

The original carpet that was left over from an older job the customer had kept. It wasn’t wide enough to fit so joins had to be added. There wasnt enough carpet to complete the joins in one long piece with the pile matching but with a cross join we were able to do it.

Overall a very nice finish. Thanks Anne for being a lovely host!!


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