Marmoleum Linoleum – Horsham

marmoleum templated
Feathered ply boarding
Ardex feather finish over ply boarding
marmoleum to bathroom
Marmoleum completed to bathroom
marmoleum templated
Template of wc cut and ready
marmoleum to wc 2
Wc Marmoleum completed
marmoleum seaming 1
Seaming Marmoleum pieces overlapped
marmoleum seaming 2
Seaming Marmoleum Scribing the top piece
marmoleum routing for weld
Seaming Marmoleum routing the seam for welding
marmoleum hot welding
hot welding the Marmoleum seams
marmoleum welded seam
Seam trimmed and cooling
marmoleum welded seam 2
Spot the seam !!

Marmoleum linoleum laid to a bathroom and wc. Both areas had ply boarding laid before we arrived. The floors were feather finished and templates were made on the first day. The following day the templates were cut from the linoleum offsite and fitted the same day. There was one seam to be hot welded in the bathroom area.

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