Amtico Fitting Costs, Online Flooring Quote, Amtico Calculator

If you are deciding on a new Amtico floor why not try our Amtico calculator to get some idea of installation costs. This form will ask you a series of questions and will calculate a quote to have Amtico flooring supplied and installed by us.

Prices are based on local installations usually no more that 10 miles from Redhill and Reigate. (call for further location enquiries) All quotes from this form will include the Amtico tiles, floor preparation materials, adhesives, door edgings and labour charges.

Materials we supply are of the higher grades for example we only use Ardex NA for latexing floors and a minimum 6mm WBP specialised flooring graded ply for wooden sub floor preparation (not the ply from the local timber yard!). Adhesive is supplied by Amtico and not a substitute from another adhesive manufacture.

This form will not give you a supply only costs but it will give a total installation cost to have Amtico supplied and installed by Style Flooring Designs LTD.


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