Our Custom Design Tiles Installations

A wet room is an extremely useful investment for anybody with mobility cartier bracelets issues. It means if you have problems with movement, you no longer have to manoeuvre yourself into the bath or struggle with the shower.

However, it’s important that the flooring of a wet room has anti-slip qualities, otherwise it could hermes replica jewelry replica cartier love bracelets end up causing more replica cartier trouble than cartier love bracelet replica it’s worth.

A flooring company based in Caterham, Surrey.

At Style Flooring we offer a range of different tile installations, including custom designs for wet rooms.

With its surface dimples, our Altro Marine Cascade flooring provides the resistance needed for elderly or disabled residents. These wet room tiles are available in a number of different colours, including a range of blues, greys and greens.

Where in Surrey will you find us?

Style Flooring are located only 15 minutes from the M25 in Surrey, and are ideal for anybody looking for custom design flooring in or around Merstham, Reigate, Redhill, Salfords, Horley and Caterham. Our team carry out daily installations of the highest quality flooring, including carpets from manufacturers like Westex, Ryalux, Brintons, and Gaskells.

Along with custom design tiles for wet rooms, we can also install custom linoleum tiles in the latest styles.

Discover more about our wet room tiles today.

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Marmoleum Plain or Marbled linoleum – which one to choose?

In the first picture is a Loft Room installed with Marmoleum Solid colour 171 Cement replica cartier love bracelets plain traditional natural linoleum.  A lot of our customers like the plain ones rather than the marbled ones as they can then use the subtle shades in the Marmoleum Solid collection to match a variety of other colours when designing the rest of the room. The plain ones do however need more cleaning and looking after than the Marbled ones and it is a good idea to protect all furniture legs with felt pads to protect the surface of the linoleum. The product is a very hard wearing and if looked after, can last 20 years cartier love bracelet or more.  It can also be refreshed cartier bracelet gold
when it starts to look tired or needs re-sealing.

On the other hand, if you like something that has rich colours and has a more textured look, then the Marmoleum Marbled (the second picture) or Patterned ranges are a good choice.  Not only is it less maintenance than the Marmoleum Solid range, there are also a wider range of colours and patterns. You can also blend all of them together.


Marmoleum laid to a bedroom

Check out our website www.styleflooring.com for free samples, online ordering and installation costs. Or call 01883 346576.

Affordable Carpet Tiles Suppliers In Surrey

Tiles in visit this website
many exciting patterns, colours bracelets and materials- we have them all at Style Flooring. If you’re looking for affordable suppliers, we really pave the way. As a flooring company, we have everything from fake cartier bracelet luxury vinyl tiles to carpet tiles from Marmoleum.

Why have carpet tiles installed?

Carpet tiles are extremely easy to clean and offer a soft natural flooring. Although they have been around for 50 years, they’re not one of the best known types of flooring. Recently they have become much more appealing and even started a new design trend.

This type of flooring is also very easy to clean, and ideal for awkward shaped rooms. Carpet tiles are extremely easy to transport and can be installed in small areas. If any damage occurs, you can simply have one tile replaced, rather than the entire floor.

Our range of Flotex carpet tiles are ideal for those who need flexible flooring.

If you would like carpet tiles, consider Flotex Calgary Tiles– the original carpet tile. Sold in boxes of 3m2, it is available in a wide spectrum of colours, including ash, grey, cement, carbon, caramel, toffee, cherry red and more.

Based in Caterham, Surrey, we’re ideal for anyone who needs affordable suppliers in the South East. Browse our affordable carpet tiles today

For more information, give us a call on 01883 346576.

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Looking For Affordable Wet Room Tiles?

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly fashionable, but it’s important both to waterproof the room and cartier love bracelet replica make it safe. In order to waterproof a wet room, you must prime the floor before covering cartier bracelet it with a syrupy membrane; after this is set, the room must be tiled.

Safety flooring at highly competitive prices.

Are you installing a new wet room and are looking for tile suppliers? Style cartier love bracelet
Flooring provide a range of affordable wet room tiles, including Altro Marine and Altro Aquarius tiles.

Altro Marine safety flooring is absolutely ideal for both wet rooms and walk-in showers. Ideal for places whether slip-resistance is needed for the elderly or disabled, these tiles have surface dimples preventing such accidents.

Meanwhile, Altro Aquarius features a smoother finish which makes it easier to clean. Available in a wide choice of colours, these wet room tiles come in blue penguin, coral crab, dragonfly blue, hippo, mallard, terrapin, and many other different shades.

As a supplier, Style Flooring will support you throughout the process, from the initial consultation to the instalment. We can also provide free samples if needed. Discover more about our wet room tiles today.

Or give us a call on 01883 346576.

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Why Choose Our Custom Design Lino Installations?

Is your flooring long over-due a revamp? As the cartier love bracelet replica part of the room which suffers every day human traffic, it’s not surprising that a floor ages quicker cartier bracelets than wallpaper.

Linoleum is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs resilient flooring. Although cartier bracelet
it remains as practical as ever, it’s now one of the most stylish types of flooring. You can get it in any pattern or colour, and even have it imitate other materials.

Why choose Style flooring for your flooring installations?

At Style Flooring we offer a wide range of different options, including Custom Design Lino tile installations. Both attractive and extremely practical, lino tiles are a popular choice for both homeowners and businesses.

Whether you’re after a Victorian pattern or a more modern design, these Custom Design tiles could be ideal. Nowadays vinyl is available in almost any design, from mosaics to wood effect tiles.

At Style Flooring, our custom designs tiles are cut individually by hand, and offer a variety of borders and panels to suit you. So if you have an idea or have seen a pattern you like, our designers can recreate your dream installation.

Our lino flooring includes linear, marbled, solid, patterned and Marmoleum designs.

To get in touch about our flooring, call 01883 346576.

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Affordable Linoleum Tiles Suppliers In Surrey

Why choose linoleum tiles? The true question is why not…

Linoleum is more stylish than ever, and just as practical as it’s always been.

Made from sheets of biodegradable materials, this type of flooring usually has linseed oil as its main component. This replica cartier love bracelets makes it one of the most environmentally types of flooring. Both durable and attractive, linoleum tiles are extremely easy to cartier love bracelet install and are highly practical.

Linoleum can bracelets be made to look like other materials, including wood and stone, for a natural feel for your home or business. It’s comfortable to walk on or play upon, making linoleum tiles ideal for busy homes. It is also suitable for high traffic areas in almost any business environment.

Stylish tiles that are extremely durable.

If you’re looking for affordable linoleum tiles from trusted suppliers, Style Flooring could be perfect for you. We specialise in traditional linoleum flooring by the brand Marmoleum, which produce custom flooring, Marmoleum Solid, Marmoleum Linear and their Marble range. Our tiles are available in a huge range of shades and colours.

We also have luxury vinyl floor tiles from Amtico and Karndean.

Based in Surrey, we offer both affordable flooring and expert installers. Our team serve Merstham, Reigate, Redhill, Salfords, Horley and the Caterham areas.

For more about our linoleum flooring, click here.

Or give us a call on 01883 346576.

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Custom Designs For Wet Rooms In Surrey

Wet rooms differ from cartier bracelets regular bathrooms, in that they don’t have separate shower cubicles. Instead the room itself is fake cartier bracelet an enclosure for showering. Because of this, they must be completely waterproof; if not, then leaks might occur and cause water damage.

A wet replica cartier room can be extremely useful if you have a smaller bathroom. This is because it can save significant amounts of space. Because you don’t have a separate shower cubicle, you can move about more freely.

They’re also extremely practical for anyone with mobility issues, or elderly residents.

Where can I find a flooring fitter for my wet room?

For custom designs for your flooring in Surrey, explore our range at Style Flooring. We offer a wide range of different safety flooring for wet rooms, including Altro Marine Safety Flooring. With its surface dimples, this flooring will help prevent any accidents. It is particularly ideal for elderly individuals, who can slip easily.

Available in a number of different designs, our flooring fitters will ensure your custom flooring is installed to the highest standards.

For more about our wet room flooring, click here.

Or give us a call on 01883 346576.

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Marmoleum can be cut into all shapes and sizes

Marmoleum sheet cut fake cartier bracelet into 30cm strips

A conservatory with a twist. If you have an idea Marmoleum cut be cut into all hermes replica jewelry sorts of shapes and sizes. Using 5 different colours from the Marmoleum marbled range cartier love bracelet
30cm strips were cut and fitted to create an array of colour.

Marmoleum cut into strips

Marmoleum cut into strips
Marmoleum cut into strips

Marmoleum cut into strips
Marmoleum cut into strips

Marmoleum cut into strips

Marmoleum Costs

Affordable Linoleum Flooring Suppliers

Do you need a reliable flooring supplier, who deliver at every step of the process?

Flooring is the basis cartier jewelry replica for everything which follows in your room. Just like your walls, it can also make a huge impact on how your room looks. It’s therefore important to choose your supplier wisely.

If you need a highly versatile and durable floor, then cartier love bracelet replica linoleum flooring could be ideal. This type of flooring is ideal for people who have a busy family life, or offices which have plenty of human traffic coming through. Installing this type of flooring is also extremely easy and much less time-consuming than laying carpets.

Nowadays this type of flooring is extremely stylish, and available in an endless array of patterns and colours. It can be made to look like wood or stone, and pretty much any cartier bracelets other flooring material, without the drawbacks that such materials bring.

For linoleum with a modern twist, Style Flooring offer this stunning linoleum with a linear effect. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, it’s tailor-made for those looking to transform their office in 2016.

Style Flooring are an affordable flooring supplier with a wide choice of products, including 90 colours of Marmoleum Marbled flooring to match any interior. We also sell a range of carpet and Marmoleum tiles which are perfect for anywhere in the home.

Marmoleum custom cut tiles 457mm x 457mm

Marmoleum Custom Cut Tiles 457mm x 457mm Colour 3048 Graphite and 2713 Calico

A refurbished bedroom which originally had conventional carpets laid. All existing flooring was removed and cleaned to leave floor boards. A new 6mm ply cartier love bracelet replica boarding was overlaid and nailed. Joints and hammer heads were filled with feather.

The new Marmoleum – linoleum tiles were set out cartier love bracelet
and laid on the floor checkerboard fake cartier bracelet style.

marmoleum tiles

marmoleum tiles
marmoleum tiles

marmoleum tiles

Marmoleum Marbled Sheet And Tiles