Affordable Carpet Tiles Fitters In Surrey

Carpet tiles are cost effective, easy to install and transport, and can be arranged to fit even the most awkward room. They’re also easy to lay on top of almost any surface, whether it’s concrete, laminate or vinyl.

Since they’re formed of tiles, they can be laid around furniture if needed. This means installations can be done in small areas or those which need temporary carpeting. You can easily clean carpet tiles but they’re also easy to replace if damaged.

For affordable carpet tile fitters in Surrey, simply call Style Flooring. We can install a variety of carpets, including Flotex Category Carpet Tiles which are extremely low maintenance. Available in a variety of colours- including cement, quartz, carbon, caramel and ash- these carpet tiles have a soft and resilient design.

If you fancy a more vibrant carpet tile, consider Flotex Metro Neon which comes in a variety of colours, including shocking pink, acid yellow and electric blue.

Whether you choose carpet tiles or vinyl, our professional fitters will ensure everything is installed to the highest standards. Along with carpet tiles, we also have the most stylish Marmoleum custom cut tiles.

For more about our affordable carpet tiles, click here.

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