Marmoleum Plain or Marbled linoleum – which one to choose?

In the first picture is a Loft Room installed with Marmoleum Solid colour 171 Cement replica cartier love bracelets plain traditional natural linoleum.  A lot of our customers like the plain ones rather than the marbled ones as they can then use the subtle shades in the Marmoleum Solid collection to match a variety of other colours when designing the rest of the room. The plain ones do however need more cleaning and looking after than the Marbled ones and it is a good idea to protect all furniture legs with felt pads to protect the surface of the linoleum. The product is a very hard wearing and if looked after, can last 20 years cartier love bracelet or more.  It can also be refreshed cartier bracelet gold
when it starts to look tired or needs re-sealing.

On the other hand, if you like something that has rich colours and has a more textured look, then the Marmoleum Marbled (the second picture) or Patterned ranges are a good choice.  Not only is it less maintenance than the Marmoleum Solid range, there are also a wider range of colours and patterns. You can also blend all of them together.


Marmoleum laid to a bedroom

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